Grass Cutting & Tree/Hedge Trimming

We are proud to offer high-quality lawn mowing and a variety of trimming services. Our team consists of highly trained staff with many years of experience and passion for their workmanship. We treat every garden individually and tailor approaches to meet the specific needs of your lawn. Aspects such as the ideal cut height, weed proliferation, mowing patterns and grass type have to be carefully planned to achieve the best results. We happily treat any size of lawns and gardens in a professional manner delivering a perfect cut every time.

We also offer tree and hedge trimming services. Our specialists have the skills and training required to trim trees and hedges safely. Throughout our years of experience, we developed efficient and safe plans and strategies on how to execute trimming jobs effectively. We always ensure that our equipment is well maintained and up to date. Trimming your hedges and trees will not only enhance the visual aspect but will also improve the overall health and safety of your garden.

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