Loft Conversion

Loft conversions are a great way to increase your living space and might be the right choice for your home. Loft conversions give you the flexibility to develop your home the way you want it.

We provide professional loft conversions for any suitable homes and do our best you to reach your expectations. To guarantee this, our professional team provides services to the highest standard to make sure your vision becomes reality. Every home is different and we treat every project with the same high priority, because we know how important a home is for every one of us. Our team is happy to explain each step involved in this process to make sure you fully understand the importance of every procedure undertaken throughout the project. 

You can turn the additional space into a nice bedroom, a unique children playroom, or just another space for hanging around with your familiy and friends. Our installers and fitters provide top quality loft conversion installations for attractive prices.

Sujka Services allows you to arrange your own loft into many different types of finishes. We treat every project individually and provide an on-site cost estimation on an individual basis.

Why choose us?

We can extend the walls up to the roof to maximise the space in your loft.

Our work retains the feeling of intimacy and full flexibility of the room

We can replace existing roof hips with gable-end walls.

We deal with design, management and final touches.

Each project is realised painstakingly and following the latest trends.


Here are some photos of our Loft Conversion Projects 

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