Loft Conversions

Loft conversions are a great way of increasing your living space. This development could be the perfect option for you and your family, providing the opportunity to design your house the way you always desired.

We offer professional loft conversion services for all houses, which qualify for this development. To ensure that the highest expectations and the most complex visions are always met, our team will provide expertise and excellent service to all our customers. We believe in individuality and treat every project with the same high priority. Communication with our customers is highly important to Sujka Services. Therefore, our team is always happy to explain each step involved in the project.

Our joiners and fitters deliver top quality loft conversion installations for competitive prices. We also provide an on-site cost estimation on an individual basis. So get in touch if you desire to have some extra room for a bedroom, a unique playroom or gym to name a few!


Why choose us?

We can extend the walls up to the roof to maximise the space in your loft.

Our work retains the feeling of intimacy and full flexibility of the room

We can replace existing roof hips with gable-end walls.

We deal with design, management and final touches.

Each project is realised painstakingly and following the latest trends.


Here are some photos of our Loft Conversion Projects. For more pictures click here.

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